How Do You Understand the Risk Of Heart Attack?

Heart Attack
Heart Attack

The Risk of Heart Attack

There is no problem, one is screaming healthy and strong, one day he is heard that his ‘massage heart attack’ has become. Problems are often not known before such incidents occur. The consequence of such a heart attack is death immediately, or live in harmony with life. So be careful before heartbreak.

How do you understand the risk of a heart attack?

There is no reason to think that there is no problem, it can not be painful in the chest, sometimes you can work hard, it does not mean that you will not have a heart attack. However, if the doctor’s advice is to know the risks of the risk, premature death or difficult consequences can be avoided.

You can know your risk level by answering the following questions to know your own risk. If yes, most of the answers are ‘yes’ but your heart attack risk is very high

Do you smoke Do you have a history of heart attack or sudden death in your family? Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes, blood fat levels? Do you live physically unemployed? Are you overweight or overweight? Is your emotional pressure fierce?

To know the symptoms of a heart attack

Rupchada Super Chef * Most of the time the heart attacks the pressure in the chest, which lasts for more than a few minutes. The pain often goes away and comes back again. An uncomfortable pressure and jerk are felt.

Many times the discomfort is felt in the arm, back, neck, jaw or stomach.

  • Sometimes breathing becomes less by the discomfort in the chest.
  • Other symptoms include sweating, nausea or light headache, back pain or jaw.

The Golden Hour to come to the hospital

If you have a heart attack, you have to go to the hospital immediately. For the first hour after a heart attack, it is possible to make sure that the patient’s life is protected by taking the emergency treatment of the hospital in the meantime, that is, during this period.

Now the question is, how will you understand a heart attack or chest pain due to gas? This hesitation has long gone. The patient was taken to the hospital when chest pain was exacerbated. But then it was too late. The patient’s life span occurs. Yet the doctors tried. If the heart attack is less intensely, then life may be saved. But the rest of life is going to suffer. Because, due to a heart attack, some parts of the heart become inefficient. Ultimately, it may be at extreme risk. So, if a little older or those who are at risk are suffering from chest pain, at least one ECG can see that it is not a heart problem.

Heart diseases from diabetes

The majority of diabetics die due to heart failure. Both diabetes and heart disease are related to each other. Things that are considered to be a risk of diabetes, such as overweight, smoking, bad eating habits, physical inactivity or genetics are at risk of heart disease. So these two problems are with each other. Reducing one’s risk reduces the risk of another.

And so-

  • Keep blood sugar in control.
  • Keep blood pressure in control. Regularly check the level of fat in the blood and take fat supplements if necessary.
  • Avoid high calorie and greasy foods. Avoid excess salt. Do not smoke. Build balanced eating habits.
  • Walk for at least 150 minutes a week or do any exercise. Increase physical exertion. Control the weight. Especially try to reduce belly fat.
  • Regular blood pressure, check the carbohydrate, keep in touch with the doctor and be sure to have a cardiac arrest. There is no such thing that will always have symptoms.

Healthy heart disease in good practice

Changes in little practice can change a life. A healthy body can keep the body healthy. For this, you have to leave some habits, and some will have to accept it. Most needed to be aware of dietary changes and diet. A great need to build good habits Proper-healthy eating habits, regular exercises-these habits will also be developed in addition to children and families.


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