Obesity Is The Cause of Kidney Disease

Obesity is the cause of Kidney Disease
Obesity is the cause of Kidney Disease

The main cause of kidney disease is diabetes and high blood pressure. But obesity is one of the reasons for slow kidney disease. Obesity and kidney disease have now become an epidemic of epidemics in the world.

How to harm it
One of the reasons for fat burning in the body is to eat more food. Besides, the causes of hereditary causes, slowing performance, various hormones, and the effect of medicines, etc. Due to excessive diet, after digestion, some fats become converted into the body. This excess fat is due to obesity, weight gain. Then the kidney filter has to do extra work. This gradually decreases the efficiency of the kidneys. Two kidneys may become ineffective once.
It is not only kidney disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, increase in blood fat, respiratory failure, liver fat or fatty liver, gall bladder disease, bone disease, mental illness, cancer, infertility and above all, due to serious disruption of life, this obesity.
As a result, diabetes causes high blood pressure, heart and kidney disease. Unusual or sudden kidney failure is often seen in the case of obese patients.

To do
It is possible to restore kidney efficiency in most cases by controlling body obesity. The need for comprehensive awareness To keep free from obesity-related kidney disease or to keep kidney healthy, there is something to do:

Trying to stay healthy, strong, working all the time. Take precautions from getting hit.

❏ Physical labor, exercises and body weight control.

❏ High blood pressure and diabetes control.

Eat potato vegetables, fruits and balanced meals.

Avoid Fast Food and Soft Drinks.

Drink a few and a half to two liters of pure water.

Iteration, cigarette and alcoholic drinks.

Avoiding the use of painkillers, herbal and conventional local medicines without consulting the doctor.

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity or hereditary kidney disease, be aware of it.


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