Neem Leaves That Work Like Magic

Neem Leaves
Neem Leaves

There are many different types of people about the quality of neem leaf. But if you have neem leaf next to the house then you are very fortunate. Because this neem leaf may take several benefits. What do they know?

• Cut or tear or bite insect bites, then apply nipple bait to the wounds. No infection. Wounds early dry.

• If you have dandruff problems, then drain the water. Let the water cool down if the water is green. After shampoo, wash the hair with that water.
• If the eyes are irritable or the eyes become red, boil in the water. If the water is cold, it will be beneficial to wash your eyes.

• If you have acne or face in your face then apply nimapata bata.

• Mix neem leaves in honey. If you have an ear inside the ear or itching in the ear, then apply it to the four-legged ear of the mixture.

There are various types of diseases on the skin. Use molasses with raw yellow butter mixed with a bowl.

• Eating with a glass of water by eating nimapata khana Khan. This will increase the ability to prevent disease in the body.

• If you have problems with teeth or staining of stomach, then you will have toothache with pomegranate.

• Nipple is also very beneficial for diabetic patients. Nimpata Khan rules.

• If you have problems with stomach problems, you will benefit from playing nipple.



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