How to understand the anemia

How to Understand The Anemia
How to Understand The Anemia

The main components of blood are blood plasma and plasma. Red blood cells contain hemoglobin pigments, which supply oxygen to the body cells. So if the hemoglobin decreases, the whole body gets an adverse reaction. And the name of the decrease of hemoglobin in the blood is anemia or anemia.

Why are anemia?

There may be anemia for various reasons. Iron oxygen deficiency can lead to iron deficiency if iron is reduced. Besides, vitamin B and folic acid deficiency, long-term diseases (such as kidney failure), long-term infections (such as tuberculosis), cancer, thyroid problems, muscular problems, erosion of premature blood circulation, bleeding, etc. may be due to anemia. However, iron deficiency is most common among all causes. It is more in women than men. It has adverse effects on the child, maternal mortality rate also increases.

Why iron deficit?

The main cause is malnutrition. There is a shortage of iron in the mother’s body, especially if there is not enough iron in the food. Another reason is that excessive bleeding in men is excessive. For some other reason, there may be long-term bleeding, such as peptic ulcers, worms, piles, intestines or stomach cancer, long-term use of painkillers.

How do you understand?

Common symptoms of pneumonia, weakness, fatigue, fatigue, dizziness, headache, blurred vision, mouth-to-mouth blow etc. are common symptoms of anemia. If the level of anemia is severe, there may be breathlessness, chest pressure and even heart failure. If you suspect anemia, it is important to have a complete blood count of blood. It gives an idea of ​​hemoglobin levels and the density and value of the amount of red particles, size, dyes and dyes. An experienced doctor can guess the causes of anemia by watching the RBC index. However, other tests are also needed to identify the real cause.

What is medical

The concept of iron pills is not right if it is an anemic. Find out the reason for the treatment of anemia. For example, to detect peptic ulcers, piles or cancer, or to detect excessive bleeding in months. The patient will be offered pear or pelvic acid, or the iron will be given by the patient to meet the iron deficit, and the doctor decides on the patient’s condition.


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