A Helpful Healthy Eating Strategy

Healthy Eating Strategy
Healthy Eating Strategy

In addition to taking regular medicines for the treatment of tuberculosis, the dietary aspect of the patient is also very important. So, you need to know, what kind of tuberculosis diet should be. Advised by Sonia Sultana, the nutritionist of the Care Medical College and Hospital


Tuberculosis diet must have sufficient amount of carbohydrate or carbohydrate. It is not advisable to give low-carb diet in any way. The main meal may be red rice rice, bread, khichuri and halua.

Protein or protein

It is important to be aware that at least 46 grams of a female patient and male patients at least 56 grams of protein or protein foods. This food may be bean seeds, pulses, milk, eggs, pudding, fish, any meat etc. These foods will meet the patient’s nutritional needs, as well as form new body composition and play a role in reducing cell decay.


Special attention should be given to the adequate fatty foods, as well as meeting the needs of its calories as well as synthesis of synthetic vitamins (A, D, E, K) of fats.


It is important to be aware that tuberculosis is present in adequate vitamins for daily diet. For example,

Vitamin ‘A’: Keep in the diet every day the yellow, green fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin B Complex: Powdered rice, vegetables, milk, poultry etc.

Vitamin ‘C’: Seasonal talk fruit, lemon, tomato, chilli etc. may be a good source of vitamin ‘C’.

Vitamin ‘E’: Nuts, egg yolks, beans and beans etc.


Iron: Spinach, garnish, raw banana, bean beech, sweet pumpkin beech, cashew nuts, red meat etc.

Selenium: Walnuts, garlic, chicken, turkey chicken, mushroom, oats, banana, nuts etc.


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